Bermuda COMMERCIAL Real Estate

Knowledge is Power, and more than 2 decades of experience at the top of Bermuda's commercial real estate market has
provided us with the knowledge we need to service your needs.

Have a business idea but not quite the funds to make it permanent? Or looking to set up an international office here in Bermuda? You're in luck, as we have an array of office space available for occupancy as soon as you would like. Our listings are ever changing, so if you need assistance don't hesitate to contact our team.

Price: $17,182
MLS# 561624561624
Windward Place (Ren Re.) Recently built class A, Waterfront Office building at 22 - 24 Crow Lane... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $16,110
MLS# 21943822194382
44 CHURCH Street, Hamilton - 1st Floor 9,666 sq ft of rentable space (9,066 sq ft exclusive + 600... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $15,191
MLS# 19979601997960
4th Floor Vallis Bldg., 58 Par-la-Ville Road - South side of 4th floor - 4,051 sq ft - rent $45.00... More Info
Price: $14,676
MLS# 5388238
Belvedere Building, 69 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke - 4th Floor - 4,403 sq ft of open plan and office... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $14,472
MLS# 198660198660
Washington Mall, Penthouse of Phase II - fit out office space for rent now of 5,427 sq ft. Natural... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $14,177
MLS# 5225595
Why settle for convention when you can move your team into a very unique and bespoke turnkey office... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $13,931
MLS# 3045081
Richmond House at 12 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton. 5th floor fit out office space of 5,144 sq. ft.... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $13,833
MLS# 4057535
131 Front Street, Hamilton - 1st Floor Prime Office Space for Rent - 3,848 sq ft of rentable space... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $12,760
MLS# 32814263281426
Thistle House, 4 Burnaby Street, Hamilton. South-west Corner of Burnaby Street & Church Street -... More Info
City of Hamilton
Price: $12,658
MLS# 26578622657862
6th Floor Mintflower Place, 8 Par-la-Ville Road North, Hamilton. Fit out to a very high standard.... More Info
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