Bermuda COMMERCIAL Real Estate

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Why Bermuda?

Legislative changes:

Exciting changes are taking place with the intention of enhancing Bermuda's appeal as a domicile for international businesses. Legislative changes are being made, reviewed and proposed to expand business opportunity in Bermuda. The desired effect is to encourage businesses already set up in Bermuda to remain here and also to attract other companies to set up accommodation in Bermuda.

Word seems to be spreading that Bermuda is actively seeking to make the establishment of companies more user friendly. Apparent moves in other competitive jurisdictions may also be playing into Bermuda’s hands at a time when we are able to take on new businesses.

Legislative changes: (example sites)


The infrastructure of Bermuda has been one that develops more rapidly than most nations in terms of telecommunications and business due to the fact that many multi-national companies use our island as a 'test bed' for their business to gain knowledge and experience for further expansion of their services or product.

In future, the Bermuda Government in cohesion with local private companies intend to improve Bermuda's effectiveness in energy use and tourism.

Air lift:

Most flights arrive to Bermuda from the east coast of the United States on a daily basis which makes international commuting quick and easy.

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