Bermuda COMMERCIAL Real Estate

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Commercial Rental Valuations for Landlords

The commercial property sector in Bermuda has developed over the last decade, resulting in a multi-tiered market due to the range of buildings now in existence. There no longer remains a typical average rent for commercial space in the City of Hamilton; nor a typical type of lease. Rents vary considerably and leases have become more complex.

So Bermuda Realty has launched a new service providing Commercial Rental Valuations for landlords and tenants. Whether you are entering into a new lease commitment, renewing an existing lease or entering rent review negotiations, Bermuda Realty can prepare a detailed valuation report for you concluding with an opinion of Market Rent which accurately reflects prevailing market conditions as well as the terms of your lease agreement.

Armed with our report you can enter negotiations with your tenant or landlord secure in the knowledge that the advice before you has been prepared by a professional Chartered Valuation Surveyor, with extensive experience in the field of Rental Valuations supported by Bermuda Realty's unrivalled database. We have unequalled access to up-to-date information ensuring that as soon as deals happen we can analyze and incorporate our conclusions into our Rental Valuations.

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